Stella McCartney Stella Perfume Free Sample

Check this out, right now you can get this free sample vial of Stella McCartney Stella Perfume. This little sample comes in a 0.06 oz size mini spray vial for you to try out. Comes snuggled in a cardboard case. Looks like it might be only available for a limited time.

If you are looking for a sophisticated sent this might be exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll find a contrast between the fresh, dark, amber, and a soft rose. As well as an intense focus on femininity, lol (that sounds so dirty, lol).

This fragrance is pure bliss. I have always loved this perfume, it smells so sensual and yet feminine at the same time. One of the only few favorites that I have. You know it’s funny I always receive compliments. I’ve been wearing it since its debut. Light and subtle just the way I like it. Lol.

This will be your signature scent, but it also happens to be the most universally loved fragrance I’ve ever encountered. Even people who swear that they despise perfume love the scent. It is floral without being too girly, beautiful without being evening exclusive. It’s a gorgeous fragrance and one that is interesting enough to make a statement but not so overpowering that overwhelms the people around you. Love it. Highly recommended.

Stella McCartney Stella is very feminine and, whereas I normally shy away from floral scents, this is one that I find myself using constantly in the summer months. I think it might be the amber note that I won me over. But will always be my favorite perfume. It’s an appropriate sent for day to day and evening wear.

A lot of people recommend this perfume. It lasts all day and is fairly consistent, and a little goes a long way. It smells intensely of rose and can sometimes smell like old lady perfume if used too much. So if you love the scent of rose flowers and Long where time is important to you I think you’ll probably really enjoy this perfume.

So many of my friends now wear Stella all because of me. It smells very chic and expensive. It doesn’t smell cheap if that makes sense. For me it lasts a long time and lingers on my cloths for a long time also.

So if you’re looking to give Stella McCartney Perfume I try, why not get this free sample first. Sometimes when you wear a perfume on your skin oil’s interact with the fragrance and alters it making it smell completely different than what was actually in the bottle, so keep that in mind, what works for one person may not work for others.

Free Sample of Stella McCartney Stella Perfume

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