Giorgio Armani Si EDP Free Sample

Here’s another popular Armani fragrance I think some of you ladies were waiting for, it’s a free sample of Giorgio Armani Si EDP. This one comes in a 1.5ml (0.05oz) spray vial of eau de parfum, along with a peach colored card.

I definitely think this is one of the better Giorgio Armani fragrances that have come out. It’s my idea of a super fragrance. It has a light citrus sweet smell but not too sweet. Lately I’ve been turned off from all the overly sweet fragrances that seemed to have come out lately but this one just hits it very nicely with out overdoing it. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that all these new sweet scents seem to be marketed to all the younger girls but “Si” is much more mature without making it smell like an old lady. I think it would make for a good transition fragrance for those ladies coming into the middle age. Finally, here’s a fragrance that is sweet candy, floral, vanilla scent without it making you smell like a teenage girl. Very classy and sophisticated. I love it!

Besides smelling sooo good, Si lasts a long time too. One little spray and it just keeps going and going all day long. It’s perfect for many occasions, you can wear it during the day and at work without suffocating your co-workers and you can wear it in the evening on the hot date you’ve been waiting all week for 😉 .

If I had to choose a negative for Si, I would have to say it’s the price tag. I looked at buying the full size after enjoying my sample and was surprised (kind of) that the price was over $70 for 1 oz 😮

Still, regardless of the full size price, the free sample I got of Giorgio Armani Si EDP was really impressive. I would highly recommend that you try it out if you haven’t already. Enjoy!

Picture of Giorgio Armani Si EDP Free Sample


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