Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation Free Sample

If you’re looking for a good concealer, this might be for you… it’s a free sample of Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation. This is a generous sample and very thoughtful of Ellis Faas to include a ethnic color ranges to try out. I’m not sure of the quantities of each packet, but they would be only enough product for one time use and they include:

  • S105
  • S106
  • S107
  • S108

My skin tone matches the lowest number fairly well. The other colors were just way too off. The coverage of the skin veil is moderate, don’t expect to cover up scars or freckles completely. I did notice that some of my pores around my nose are was greatly diminished which I was quite happy about. I did try to cover a large pimple that was on my face so I attempted to layer which wasn’t easy to then blend the color in properly. I just don’t think I was doing it properly as I was in a a rush.

I didn’t add any moisturizer under the foundation but was told that I could. I found that the consistency was creamy and moist. I didn’t crack or smear and stayed in place for most of the day.

My skin has been a little oily than usual but that still didn’t seem to affect the Ellis Faas foundation. It gives a nice dewy finish and doesn’t add to my slightly oily complexion. I felt like I could wear this without it being obvious I was using a foundation. I’m sure people would think my skin looked like this naturally. Yay!

With just the one use, the experience with my free sample of Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation was quite positive and I would highly recommend trying out the trial just to try and get the proper match for your skin tone.

Picture of Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation Free Sample

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