Stella Cadente Miss Me EDP Free Sample

Get this cute little free sample of Stella Cadente Miss Me EDP! It’s so adorable because of the mesh bag that they include. It’s not high quality and it does look a little cheap but you know what, it’s different and you won’t get many samples that try to be different. This sample includes a 0.04 fl oz mini spray vial.

When I first tried my sample of Miss Me, I really didn’t care for it and I couldn’t quite put my finger as to the reason why. Overall the course of an hour it started to grow on me and I began enjoying it. I think it was the Tolu balm and hint of vanilla. I don’t have Tolu balm in many of my perfumes that I wear so it is different for me. It is a strong sweet and if you don’t like sweet smelling fragrances, this will probably make you sick. I’d even say that Stella Cadente Miss Me EDP is THE sweetest smelling perfume I’ve ever tried, more so than Aquolina!

After a few hours of trying to figure what the smell reminded me of, it finally came to me. Miss Me smells like scented baby wipes or like some kind of soap you would use on your baby. So it’s clean and gentle but a little too sweet. But once you get through the first hour you’ll start to like it, like I did.

The packaging was really cute for the sample I got. I took a look at the packaging for the full size and it’s just as cute if not cute….r, lol. It is a little on the expensive side for a simple scented fragrance. I think, if you really wanted to try out this free sample of Stella Cadente Miss Me EDP, open up a package of scented baby wipes and rub it on your skin first. Lol.

Picture of Stella Cadente Miss Me EDP Free Sample

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