James Bond 007 Cologne EDT Free Sample

Hey ladies, I’m sure your man is going to love this! It’s a free sample of James Bond 007 Cologne EDT and it comes in a mini package that has a one use sachet (like a moist towelette). On the package, it says it contains 0.7ml or 0.02 fl oz of eau de toilette soaked into the sachet. It’s too bad they don’t give out the little vials like they would for women but I’m sure once a man likes it, he’ll just go to the store and buy the full size without even thinking twice, lol.

I got this sample for my husband. I know he really likes James Bond movies and I thought he would really like this. It was funny, when I first gave him the package to try out. I told him what it was, but didn’t tell him how to use it. He put it in his pocket and later that evening he took it out and opened it up just after having dinner so he could wipe his hands clean with it. I asked him what he was doing and he said he thought it was a moist towelette. Before he could wipe his dirty hands on it I told him what it was for and he then started to wipe it all over his face. He’s so difficult some times. I don’t know how he survived before I came into the picture, lol.

Anyways, I don’t think he really got a good idea of the sample with the way he used it, which is unfortunate. From what I could tell, James Bond 007 Cologne EDT has a sort of woodsy and spicy scent but light and not strong. It reminds me of the ocean and of course James Bond. And best of all, I think my husband actually really liked it because he mentioned that he would like a bottle of it for his birthday.

So, if you think your man deserves to smell like a Bond man, get him this free sample of James Bond 007 Cologne EDT. But, be careful that he doesn’t attract the bond women too… right…

Picture of James Bond 007 Cologne EDT Free Sample


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