My Burberry EDP Perfume Free Sample

Hey flower lovers out there, I got something you’re going to love. It’s a free sample of My Burberry EDP Perfume and it’s the newest fragrance released by Burberry. When you get your sample, you’ll receive this cute box and inside you’ll find a generous 0.07 oz (2 ml) spray vile, enough to last you a good few weeks with modest use.

Now, right off the bat when I first tried My Burberry I noticed the floral and found it a bit overwhelming. But after twenty minutes or so it settle down to a more tolerable scent. I’m not normally into floral fragrances and when they come on so strong at first it really is a turn off for me. I was glad that went away after a while. But still, even when it does settle down it lingers for a long time.

I was really hoping to like this one, I’ve heard a lot of good reviews and for the most part people really liked it, but unfortunately I did not. I was expecting a sophisticated scent that might be similar to Chanel, but boy was I ever wrong. I think it’s the overwhelming smell of freesia that just does not agree with my body chemistry.

The one good thing about using My Burberry was that the only time I sprayed some on my wrists I had gone to the grocery store and a man next to me was standing very close and said he never smelled such an amazing fragrance before and asked me what it was so he could buy it for his wife. Funny, our idea of what smells good or bad can be completely different from one person to the next.

I would review my free sample of My Burberry EDP Perfume as an unpleasant one only because of the strong floral scent that just does not agree with me. If you can tolerate it, than give it a try.

Free Sample of My Burberry EDP Perfume


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