Amouage Gold Woman EDP Free Sample

Have you tried out Chanel No 5 and liked it? Well, you might love this free sample of Amouage Gold Woman EDP which is often compared to as being very similar if not better by some. You get a 2ml pump spray vial with a beautiful reflective gold card. It’s the perfect sample size to fit in a small purse.

Now, I know I’m not the best person at describing fragrances and I usually end up not doing it enough justice. I’ll do my best to describe my experience with Amouage Gold. Anyways, I got my sample and treated it literally like gold. This is a very expensive perfume and most people either can’t afford or never heard of the name. Surprisingly, it’s been around for a long time, since the early 1980’s and a lot of people over the years have compared it to Chanel Number 5. As some of you already know, I absolutely love No 5 and consider it my favorite perfume of all time. I was very excited to try out my first sample of Amouage Gold Woman EDP.

First of all, it is very similar to Chanel No 5 when you smell it from the tester, but for my body chemistry, it seems to change once it makes contact. I’ve read that if you apply very lightly, it can smell almost heavenly, but the opposite, if you apply too much it can be absolutely horrible. So, I used just a single spray and that seemed good enough. At first, it was more powder and floral with the right combinations. It almost reminded me of a fancy baby lotion, lol. Then after about fifteen minutes it changed into something a bit more spicy. The longevity was really good, it would last for a good 4 to 5 hours just with the one spray.

Overall, my experience with this free sample of Amouage Gold Woman EDP was good. I think my problem was that I was comparing it to my beloved Chanel No5 too much and I should have known that nothing could compare to it. These are both very different fragrances and should be treated as so. Would I buy a full size bottle of Amouage Gold? Probably not if I had to choose between my favorite and this one.

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