Burberry Baby Touch EDT Free Sample

This one I’m not sure is for you or your baby… but, it’s a free sample of Burberry Baby Touch EDT. You get a carded cover with the image of a sheep rocking chair and inside is the mini spray vial with 1.2 ml or 0.04 oz of eau de toilette.

Just by looking at the cover, it looks sweet an innocent kind of like something geared towards a child but really… who sprays perfume on their baby? Babies already have that awesome baby-smell. I guess some babies could use it.

I gave my sample a try and it is really light. So light in fact that I can see a child using it or even a woman who is really sensitive to strong smells. So maybe it is for babies… You can actually read what Burberry writes saying that it’s developed hypoallergenic scents for people who are allergic and for the delicate bodies of little babies and kids.

I’m surprised that Baby Touch doesn’t smell like baby power because everything that’s for babies or with the name baby in it has that baby powder smell. This one has a slight floral and citrus bite at first and settles into a pleasant orange flower. It’s very fresh and unique, I wouldn’t consider it an evening fragrance but mostly like a casual or even work at the office scent.

The biggest downside to my free sample of Burberry Baby Touch EDT was the lasting power. I guess because it’s an alcohol-free fragrance, it just doesn’t last very long- I believe it’s oil based. I would say within ten minutes it’s very faint. That’s a good thing for sensitive allergies and especially if it really is for babies. But for those who are looking for a lighter scent that will last all day, you’ll need to keep looking.

Picture of Burberry Baby Touch EDT Free Sample


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