Jimmy Choo Illicit EDP 2ml Vial Free Sample

Check out this flashy little package (that’s what he said, lol), it’s actually a free sample of Jimmy Choo Illicit EDP 2ml vial. The sample comes in a sealed gold colored tear off packet and inside is the spray mini vial with 2 ml or 0.06 oz of eau de parfum.

At first, when I got my sample, I thought it looked a little like Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million because the packaging is very similar but that’s where the similarities end. Jimmy Choo’s Illicit is a very unique scented fragrance and one that I surprisingly enjoyed. I’m was surprised that I liked it so much because it’s a fairly sweet scent with just a tad bit of floral. Lately I’ve been a little tired of really sweet fragrances but this one is actually kind of nice and definitely worth a try.

The top notes are bitter orange and ginger, but one me, the ginger is quite pronounced. The middle notes are rose and jasmine but those are so faint that they’re almost non-existent. The base notes are amber, honey, and sandalwood. With the dry-down, I notice a lot of honey with a hint of sandalwood.

The downside to Illicit, or it can be a plus for those that are not into sweet smelling fragrances, is the longevity. It lasts only a couple hours on me but maybe that’s why I liked it so much. I found that I kept on reaching for the sample again and again until it was all gone. It lasted probably a week 🙁 .

Overall, my free sample of the Jimmy Choo Illicit edp 2ml vial was really good, much better than I expected. If I had to relate it to another fragrance, I’d say it’s pretty close to Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire but this one is better. I highly recommend you give this a try if you haven’t already.

Picture of Jimmy Choo Illicit EdP 2ml Vial Free Sample


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