One Direction Our Moment Perfume Free Sample

Hey, are you a Directioner? If yes, you’ll want to get a free sample of this One Direction Our Moment perfume. It comes in a cute little mini spray vial for you to try with about 0.8 ml or 0.027 fl oz of product. When you get your sample, it’ll come in a cardboard holder with a picture of all five guys on the cover and tucked inside is where you’ll find your mini spray.

If you already love the band than it probably won’t matter how good or bad their new perfume fragrance is because you’ll still love it either way. But for me, I wasn’t too impressed with the scent. I think the reason is because I feel like I’ve already smelled this one before with another dozen different names. It’s the same old fruity scent with a hint of musk and then there’s the citrus which unfortunately, is a little strong for my liking.

The one good thing about the fragrance sample I received is that the smell isn’t strong and is very light. The small amount that I sprayed on to my wrists was slightly noticeable and not overpowering. I’m finding that I like lighter fragrances these days as I get tired of the strong was fast, almost to the point of it being sickening.

I understand that the target market for One Direction’s Our Moment fragrance is young teenage girls so I know that I’m far from that range so perhaps that’s the issue. My niece took the rest of my sample and really enjoyed it and now wants me to buy here a full size bottle of the perfume for her birthday, so it just goes to show that everyone has different tastes and no one single fragrance works for everyone.

Overall, I’d review my free sample of One Direction Our Moment perfume as fairly average, but if you’re a big fan of the band you’ll like it.

Free Sample One Direction Our Moment Perfume


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