Kate Spade Walk On Air EDP Free Sample

If you’re looking for a new spring fragrance I think I have just the thing for you. It’s a free sample of Kate Spade Walk On Air EDP. This eau de parfum spray comes in a mini 1ml (0.03oz) vial covered by a protective blue and white card.

When I first got my sample, I sprayed a small amount in the air just to get an idea of what it smells like before I put it on my skin. It smelt nice, with it’s green, fresh floral scent. It’s quite light so I figured it would be safe to spray a little on my wrist. I’ve been a little cautious lately with floral fragrances because I seem to be quite sensitive to them for some reason. I’ve been finding floral to not agree with me, hopefully it’s just a phase 🙁 . Anyways, this sample turned into a more synthetic smelling fragrance once it was sprayed on my skin.

I’ve tried a few Kate Spade fragrances and have really enjoyed them, I figured Walk On Air would be somewhat similar to the others. Boy was I wrong. This one just smells unpleasant for me. The magnolias was really strong for me and plus that synthetic scent. The good thing was that it started to settle down during the dry-down and became much more wearable for me.

I think I’ll need to try my free sample of Kate Spade Walk On Air EDP a few more times to see if it was my mood that seemed to influence my opinion. I was having a bad day and just felt off with everything. When I give it another try, I’ll report back to you guys and let you know if my opinion has changed. But even still, this is definitely a spring scent with an average longevity. Give it a try if you enjoy Kate Spade fragrances.

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