You And I One Direction Perfume Free Sample

Hey Directioners, I got something you are going to absolutely love! It’s a free sample of You And I One Direction Perfume! You don’t really need to be a big fan of OD to like this, and surprisingly, you don’t need to be a young teenage girl either. But obviously, it is marketed to the younger girls, but don’t let that stop you from wearing it.

  • You’ll receive one (1):
    -pump spray vial.
    -1.5ml or 0.05 fl oz of fragrance.
    -carded protective cover with images of the band members.

As soon as I got my sample of You and I, I could smell the fragrance before I even removed the top but I think my vial was leaking a bit. The silage is moderate and the scents are fruity with a hint of mango, flower and citrus. It is definitely not too overpowering which I love and the fragrance really exceeded my expectations! I think it would be great for teens – their target audience- but also for older ladies who are young at heart. Lol. I think the boys will even like it. You and I is most appropriate for daytime, summer, and summer love!

I think of all three perfumes that One Direction has out right now, this one is my favorite. I think the designs of the other bottles are prettier, but the scent of this one really does smell the best! Some perfumes are really potent and strong when you spray them. This fragrance is not. I like that when you spray it on it’s subtle, yet still delivers a very nice smell that lasts all day. I would describe this scent as a floral, citrus, and berry scent. It smells like a garden that has flowers and berries growing in it. It is somewhat tropical as well. The bottle is cute and feminine. It’s a clear, gold, and pink bottle with a clear, gold and pink top. It is a spray bottle. A rather simple design, but still pretty. The scent lasts all day with no residual smells left over after showering. Some perfumes are very hard to “wash off”.

Overall, I really enjoyed my free sample of You And I One Direction Perfume and would even consider buying the full size bottle in the future. Like I said before, you don’t need to be a young teenage girl to enjoy this, just young at hear 😉

Picture of You And I One Direction Perfume Free Sample

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