Sisley Eau Tropicale EDT Perfume Free Sample

Here’s a free sample of Sisley Eau Tropicale EDT Perfume for you to try. You’re probably well aware of the skin care Sisley as brought out over the years, but maybe not have known about their fragrance line… I know I didn’t, lol. This free sample includes a colorfully decorated carded cover with a mini spray vial with 1.6ml or 0.05oz of eau de toilette.

If you’re getting tired of all the fruity floral fragrances that have come out recently, well, add this one to the list but there is a twist… a hint of spice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to have the combination of fruits and florals in a fragrance, it’s just that it seems very common. It does remind me of something you’d find at Victoria’s Secret except for the higher price tag.

When I spray my sample of Sisley Eau Tropicale on me I liked it but I wasn’t impressed by it. I did really like the hint of spice that might be a little different from all the others, I believe it’s ginger. In the dry down I get a much stronger musky undertone so it comes down much nicer than the first half hour of the first spray. So I started to like it more, but then it seemed to almost just disappear. It really doesn’t last long on me, only a few hours at most so that was a bit disappointing as well.

Overall, the first impressions of my free sample of Sisley Eau Tropicale EDT Perfume was nothing extraordinary. It seemed very similar to some of the fragrances that I have tried in the past except this one would come with a much higher priced full bottle price tag. I guess now I can say that I’ve tried a fragrance by Sisley.

Picture of Sisley Eau Tropicale EDT Perfume Free Sample


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