Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP Free Sample

Ladies got a million bucks or do you want to smell like you do? Well, check out this free sample of Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP available for a limited time in this 1.2ml mini spray pump, comes sealed an a gold colored package. The spray vial would fit perfectly in your purse or gym bag for those on-the-go-smellin-great ladies, lol.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, fragrances are so personal and smell so unique from one person to another depending on your own bodies chemistry. This is another reminder for me of how perfume can change so much when it actually dries on your skin. When I first smelled the bottle, I really thought it smelled like an old woman or a tacky 1980’s sort of fragrance. It wasn’t until I reluctantly sprayed a little on my wrist and waited a few minutes that I started to actually enjoy the way it smelled. I know it’s strange but it’s not unheard of.

Lady Million, to me, is the perfect sultry musk perfume! I like the fact that it’s not the usual sweet and fruity smell that are so popular these days. It’s unique and very different. There is a bit of a raspberry scent that is very faint but definitely noticeable and a nice blend of jasmine, honey, and amber that seem to hit all the right notes.

I sprayed some on just before going to a party and I got so many compliments from people that I think this might be my new scent for the winter season. With my free sample of Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP, I only needed to spray a small amount to get a full effect. A little really goes a long way with this stuff which is nice because a full size bottle can be quite expensive.

Picture of Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP Free Sample


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