Juicy Couture I Am Juicy Couture EDP Free Sample

Here’s something that you might say is between masculine and super girly, it’s a free sample of Juicy Couture I Am Juicy Couture EDP and it comes in a carded 1.5ml (0.05oz) pump spray vial. Yes, I know, some of you will think the sample size is small but you’ll need to make the most of it, lol.

I’ve tried some of the other Couture fragrances in the past and I liked them, the only problem is that I find them to be a little more youth oriented than what I would like. I Am Juicy Couture on the other hand has a little more sophistication to it, something that’s closer to where I’m at. So naturally I liked it. It’s got just the right amount of floral and musk where one is not more powerful than the other, very well balanced.

Though, this is not an everyday sort of scent, it feels like it needs to be worn during those dramatic events like a dinner party with the girls or a hot date with that guy whose not looking for a relationship, lol. It makes me feel sophisticated and confident.

Another thing that really impressed me with I Am Juicy Couture is that it lasts a really long time. When I would use it, it would last at least 6 hours and even then it smelled just as it did when I first sprayed it on.

Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not strong fragrance so you won’t be making yourself sick or the person next to you. Just don’t go spraying yourself like crazy, just a couple spritz and you’ll be fine. A little goes a long way with this eau de parfum spray.

Overall, I really enjoyed my free sample of Juicy Couture I Am Juicy Couture EDP and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for something that screams sophistication and confident without smelling too girly.

Picture of Juicy Couture I Am Juicy Couture EDP Free Sample


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