Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom EDP Free Sample

Have you seen this yet, if not, check out this free sample of Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom EDP that is available in a .58ml (0.019oz) splash vial. Comes attached to a single carded covering with an image of Jessica Simpson surrounded by a bunch of pretty pink flowers.

It is unfortunate that this sample comes in such a small tester, and it’s even more unfortunate that it’s the splash kind. I guess I’ve been spoiled lately with the spray kind. You don’t normally see the dab on splash kind as often these days. Anyways, this sample was much different than most of the other fragrances that Jessica Simpson has brought out in the past. This one seems to be more mature. But don’t get me wrong, it does have a few notes of youthfulness to it, it’s just the flower notes are much more prominent in this one.

Vintage Bloom in the vial, smells almost like a can of Mountain Dew, with it’s strong lime scent, but once splashed on my skin, the floral really comes out and it does remind me a bit of the old lady scent but spicier with a hint of woodsy musk. The dry down makes the floral much softer and it actually becomes quite pleasant. It doesn’t last long which is both good and bad depending on the occasion. Good for work, bad for a hot date. But I’m sure a good unscented body lotion would cure that.

I finished my free sample of Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom EDP within the first week, so that should tell you how I felt about it. It was surprisingly better than I thought especially for a celebrity scent. I think I’m starting to enjoy that initial old lady scent that this has but hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m getting old 🙁

Picture of Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom EDP Free Sample


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