HerStyler Hair Serum Argan Oil Free Sample

Here’s a popular item I know many of you were hoping to find, it’s a free sample of HerStyler Hair Serum Argan Oil! This is a perfect product if you have very dry and/or damaged hair. Also contains Vitamin E. You get one (1) packet which contains 0.08 oz of product.

The nice thing about this little packet is that even though it’s a small amount, a little goes a long way. When I got my sample I rubbed the tiniest bit on my fingers and then through my hair and it covered a most of it. Now, I think it would have been much easier if I had a spray pump, using my fingers was still effective but I probably used more than I would have if it was sprayed on.

Just to give you some idea of my hair and it’s current state, let me just tell you I’ve recently been through a terrible dye job and had to fix it numerous times to get the color properly. So, it’s obvious my hair is damaged and suffering from being dry with split ends to boot. I’ve been using my faithful Moroccanoil for the last few weeks and have had good results. I never considered using anything else until I got my sample of HerStyler Hair Serum Argan Oil. This is my first argan product that I’ve used and I was quite happy with it. It’s very similar to moroccanoil but doesn’t seem as heavy. I really enjoyed the smell and it felt like it stayed for a while too. There was a definitely shine to my hair, more so than the other oil I’ve been using. And best of all, my hair was really soft.

I think I might have to trade in my Moroccanoil for this product. I think the trial with my free sample of HerStyler Hair Serum Argan Oil has converted me into a true believer of the effects of argon oil, lol. Gonna buy me the full size!

Picture of HerStyler Hair Serum Argan Oil Free Sample

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