Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease Perfume Free Sample

Hey VS fans, I got something you’re going to love. It’s a free sample of Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease Perfume. This little sample is perfect for your tiny purse as it comes in a cute 0.05 fl oz mini spray. You’ll find it nestled inside a carded case.

Before I continue, it should be noted that this is a limited edition spin-off of Noir which was the Fragrance of the Year in 2009. So if you liked that, you’ll definitely love this one. For myself, I loved Noir so it’s pretty obvious that I really liked Noir Tease, maybe even a little more.

The scent of this perfume is amazing. I can’t get enough of it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last to long. But besides that, it’s got this sophisticated and romantic smell that will drive any man crazy. I’ve been looking for something that both myself and my boyfriend would like and this is it. I did find that the scent is fairly comparable to Viva La Juicy but this one seems less childish and much more sophisticated.

Noir Tease contains the perfect combination of Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear, and a hint of Blooming Gardenia. With just the right amount of each allowing them to blend in so as to not be able to distinguish one from the other. You’ll keep smelling it trying to figure out what it is and that’s where they draw you in because each time you breath it in, you’ll like it just a bit more.

Overall, my review of this free sample of Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease Perfume has been very positive, actually, I think I’ve just found my new scent. And like I said before the only downside I found was that the staying power was low, it would only last for an hour or two tops. Overall, I highly recommend anyone to try this out if you haven’t already.

Free Sample of Victoria's Secret Noir Tease Perfume


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