Victoria’s Secret Fearless EDP Free Sample

It’s time to try something different if you haven’t already tried it! Get this free sample of Victoria’s Secret Fearless EDP for a limited time only. Comes in a purple, black, and gold foil carded cover with a small spray pump vial with 1.5 ml or 0.05 fl oz of eau de parfum to try out.

I’ve tried several Victoria’s Secret fragrances and have found many of them to be a little too sweet for my taste, but it seems lately they’re starting to add a little more depth to them. Perhaps they’re starting to cater to a larger crowd of people instead of the teenagers and early twenty girls. Fearless is still a a little fruity but I find it doesn’t stay like that the whole time, it changes to a more powdery scent with a small hint of something spicy.

Fearless stands out to me as a more classy version of the typical Victoria’s Secret fragrance line that I’ve come to know. It might even be considered a good transition for a woman who is used to the youthful fruity scents but is looking for a change to something more mature.

The longevity is quite impressive as well. When I tested it out, I sprayed some on in the morning and as the day rolled out it was still going strong and then by the end of the day I could still smell a hint of it. Even after my evening shower you get smell a bit of it. My husband thinks it smells wonderful and he doesn’t care for a lot of the perfumes I wear so that’s a big plus for this one.

With my free sample of Victoria’s Secret Fearless EDP I think I’m really starting to like the way VS is going with their fragrances. I can see myself enjoying more and more of what they have to offer instead of just catering to the younger twenty something crowd.

Picture of Victoria's Secret Fearless EDP Free Sample

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