Vera Wang Princess Night Perfume Free Sample

I received this free sample of Vera Wang Princess Night a few days ago. It’s actually the first time I’d tried any fragrance created by Vera Wang. My sample came in this carded holder with a 0.04 fl oz mini spray vile.

Right away, you’ll notice that inside the perfume carded holder, it says, “She’s got the royal right to reign when the sun goes down”. I think that should have been a dead give away at the quality of the fragrance. I’m not even totally sure what that means but it sure sounds cheesy. Perhaps it’s geared more for the really young girls like ten or eleven years old.

When I first tried Vera Wang Princess Night, I noticed that it had a very fruity candy scent that seems to be fairly popular these days. I think I noticed grape as being one of the stronger notes and a softer vanilla. It’s not an unpleasant scent at all, it’s very nice and well, I’d say cute. Very youthful. But the thing that really turned me off was the strength of the scent. It was really strong for me and I felt it was just too overwhelming. I just used it the one time and I’m not sure if I would spray it on again.

I think the problem was my expectations. I had heard a lot of good reviews of the Vera Wang Princess line and so I had raised my expectation levels too high. And unfortunately, I was disappointed. I really tried to like it, and I kept on smelling it and smelling it and hoped that it would “rub off” on me, but it didn’t.

If I had to rate my free sample of Vera Wang Princess Night out of 5 I probably would give it a 2. It was nice but not nice enough. Perhaps if I was a young teenager than it would be up my ally, but no. I probably wouldn’t go out and buy a full size bottle.

Free Sample of Vera Wang Princess Night Perfume

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