PUR Minerals Correcting Primer Free Sample

Looking for a new primer that makes your skin feel smooth and minimizes those pores? If so, then check out this free sample of PUR Minerals Correcting Primer. You get to try out this single use packet with 1.5ml or 0.05oz of primer.

I got my sample and there’s just enough primer to cover most of your face just the one time. The product claims to reduce your pores and wrinkles but most likely wouldn’t notice that with just the one application. So I definitely didn’t notice anything with pore-minimization or wrinkle-reduction but what I did notice was that it did provide a really nice smooth and silky base for applying the rest of my makeup!

Unfortunately, when I applied the PUR Minerals Correcting Primer, I didn’t have the 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral makeup so I guess I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential but with what I was using, it definitely made my makeup look better and long lasting. It was even really light on my face.

Up until a few years ago, I always thought that primers were just some silly trick or gimmick that the cosmetics industry was trying to force us into. Making people spend even more money. But now, I’m a firm believer in the power of primers. I don’t always use it, but when I do, it really makes a big difference.

I should also mention that my free sample of PUR Minerals Correcting Primer at the end of the day was really easy to remove. Just a quick rinse and it came off, no residue was left over. It really makes cleaning up your face so easy instead of having to scrub and irritate your skin. I would definitely try this again and I think I would recommend anyone looking for a new primer to check it out.

Picture of PUR Minerals Correcting Primer Free Sample


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