Kenzo Flower EDP Free Sample

Here’s a fragrance that’s been around for a while, but if lived under a rock for a while and never tired it, now’s your chance with this free sample of Kenzo Flower EDP! You’ll get one (1) mini spray pump vial with 0.03 fl oz or 1 ml of edp to try along with their adorable flower carded cover.

This isn’t my first time trying Flower, I think it must have been over ten years ago when I tried it for the first time. I wasn’t impressed back then and don’t recall disliking it, that’s why I decided to give it another try with this sample. Now I remember, I don’t like it. I should have gone with my gut feeling with the title. I don’t care for most floral scents and this one is no exception. It has very strong florals.

Not only does it have strong floral scents but there’s also this overwhelming baby powder smell too. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was for the first few minutes but then it came to me. I’m sure there’s women who enjoy both of the scents in their perfume but for me, I just can’t stand it which is really too bad because I think the bottle is really cute and very unique. Even as the scent started wore off after few hours it didn’t change much just a little less intense but by then I was sick of it.

Overall, my free sample of Kenzo Flower EDP was a big disappointment. I think if you’re a fan of strong scented fragrances you might be interested in this if not, well, I guess it might for the old ladies who have lost their sense of smell, lol.

Picture of Kenzo Flower EDP Free Sample

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