I Loewe You EDT By Loewe Free Sample

Here’s a nice light European fragrance that I think some of you will like, it’s a free sample of I Loewe You EDT By Loewe. That’s a cute name isn’t it? I think it’s Spanish.

  • What this sample includes (1):
    – pump vial.
    – 0.07 oz or 2 ml of edt.
    – comes in a unique pink square/diamond shaped box.

I Loewe You opens up with a nice, light and refreshing smell very much like Kenzo’s L’eau Par. It is the kind of perfume you would like to wear after a workout (or even during a workout). But then, after settling down, it smell sweeter then Kenzo. If there are two young girls running in the flower garden, Kenzo would be the sporty and tomboy girl and Loewe will be the sweet innocent girl.

What I like about Loewe is that it’s not strong or overpowering. In fact, there’s not enough of the edt with one spray you’ll need to spray more to make it stronger so it’s harder to overdue it. Maybe two or three. It doesn’t last long either, I’d say maybe an hour or two tops.

Overall, I’d say that this fragrance is made for teenage girls. Smells so girly. This fragrance is fresh and fruity but modern with noticeable wood and musk. I think if you’re young, then this free sample of I Loewe You EDT By Loewe will be just the thing for you. It’s even perfect for a date or Valentine’s day. I think a lot of you will really like this scent.

Picture of I Loewe You EDT By Loewe Free Sample

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