Gwen Stefani L LAMB Perfume Free Sample

If you’re a fan of Gwen you might want to check this out if you haven’t already. It’s a free sample of Gwen Stefani L LAMB Perfume, well actually it’s an eau de parfum spray to be exact (edp). This tester sample comes in a 1.2ml or 0.04 fl. oz. spray vial inside a yellow and black card.

I have an old friend who actually wears this as her signature fragrance. So this is not the first time that I’ve actually had the chance to smell this. And to be honest, I never quite understood why she did wear it because it does not smell like perfume at all. I know she’s a big fan of Gwen Stefani and she loves everything about her, so I guess it’s only natural that she would love her fragrances. Unfortunately for me, I think it smells almost identical to your typical bug repellent. It has that strong citronella smell that you’d find in bug repellent candles and the sprays you use all over your body. Once you get past that citronella scent you get middle notes of jasmine and rose with a hint of orange blossom. If you can wait for the dry-down, I think you might have a chance at liking L LAMB.

As for the longevity of L LAMB, I’d give it a five out of 10. It’s right there in the middle with about 5-6 hours. You should also consider using this fragrance in the daytime as it doesn’t have that WOW factor to impress people.

I think most people will either love it or hate it. For myself, without sounding too harsh (and out of respect for my good friend), I really didn’t care for my free sample of Gwen Stefani L LAMB perfume but as always, give it a try and see what you think.

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