EVE LOM Morning Time Cleanser Free Sample

If you’re one of those strange people (kidding, lol) who likes to use skin cleansers in the morning you may want to check this out. It’s a free sample of EVE LOM Morning Time Cleanser. This is a quick and easy morning skin cleanse.

You receive one (1):
-single 5ml or 0.16floz packet with top tear off.

How To Use:

– Place a small amount of EVE LOM Morning Cleanser on your fingertips.
– Massage, using circular motions, onto dry area of skin.
– Leave cleanser on skin for 2 minutes and rinse off with warmer water.

EVE LOM Morning Time Cleanser Free Sample

Review 1:

EVE LOM Morning Time Cleanser is ok. It removes my makeup reasonably successfully, although still with a bit of scrubbing required to get the eye shadow out from between my eyelashes. It doesn’t make me break out, provided I remove it with really hot water and a wash cloth (cold water leaves a greasy residue). It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. It doesn’t sting my eyes or make my skin itchy. But it’s just not as spectacular as the price would suggest. It doesn’t do anything to make my skin less prone to dryness or occasional spots, and it’s not particularly pleasant to apply (very greasy in texture – as if it has beeswax in it). And the packaging is quite annoying – although the product is easy to dispense out of the bottom of the tube, the tube stands on the same end as you dispense and you can’t get the product out cleanly without leaving some on the tube, so it gets dirty and messy unless you wipe it every time you use it. If it was half the price I’d re-purchase, but at this price I won’t buy it again.

3 out of 5

Review 2:

My verdict is that it’s not really thorough enough for an evening cleanse as it leaves me with mascara under the eyes, unless I use it with a cloth. It also leaves a slight residue on the skin, again unless using the cloth. However, it is still more convenient to apply this and leave it on than it is to actively sit and massage / repeatedly rinse & press the cloth on your skin, as needs to be done with the original.

For a morning cleanse, it’s pretty good, but more relaxing than refreshing, which is what I want with a morning product. I’m currently back to using Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel in the morning, and I alternate the morning & regular Eve Lom cleanser at night, using the morning version on evenings when I’m tired and want a bit less fuss. Either way, I still use the cloth as my skin doesn’t feel spotless without it. This kind of defeats the point of the product being marketed as muslin-less!

3 out of 5

Review 3:

This is like the original cleanser, but much lighter – it has the same balm texture, the same distinctive smell, but there is not the graininess. I have literally used it once today, well twice, I repeated the process as I liked it so much! It does remove makeup (Becca SPF30 mineral primer, Becca LSC, Becca stick foundation, Becca beach tint, Becca powder, MAC kohl, Benefit speed brow), but I needed the muslin, and I am not convinced that it can be rinsed off without one, but we shall see. There was no irritation, and my skin is incredibly soft – dare I say more so that after the original.

4 out of 5

Picture of my EVE LOM Morning Time Cleanser Free Sample

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