Chanel Le Rouge Lipstick Set Free Sample

Now is your chance to spoil your lips with this free sample of Chanel Le Rouge Lipstick Set. This cute carded sample set includes 4 awesome colors to try out as well as 2, yes you read that right, two lip brushes for application. Each of the lipstick sample containers are 0.25g (0.009oz). The four different colors included in this carded sample are:

  • No.91 Boheme- Rouge Coco Rhine Hydrating Sheer Lipstick
  • No.54 Le Baiser- Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color
  • No.46 La Malicieuse- Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous matte Lip Color
  • No.179 Murmure- Glossimer

First of all, this is a great little sample to try out, the colors are just awesome and there’s enough product to really get a feel for what to expect. Out of all four samples, I really liked the No.91 Boheme rouge. I felt that it was the perfect shade for my skin tone, but I’m pretty sure it would look great on just about anyone. With the included applicator, it goes on so smoothly with a really nice finish. It almost feels like a mix of satin and matte with just a little bit of creme.

And as for the No.179 Murmure glossimer, it really is one of the best lip gloss you can get. This particular color isn’t my favorite but it is really good. I normally use the No.105 which is a bright fuchsia pink when I do actually use lip-gloss, lol. Anyways, you won’t find this gloss to be overly sticky, just the right amount to stay on your lips. Just the perfect amount of shine.

Like I said before, this free sample of Chanel Le Rouge Lipstick Set is really great, especially if you’re looking for a new lip products to try out. Overall, there’s been quite a lot of positive reviews with the whole Chanel Le Rouge line that I’m pretty sure most of you will really enjoy it.

Free Sample of Chanel Le Rouge Lipstick Set


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